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Custom Blends Custom Blends Pinnacle Stone Products

While all of our products are beautiful on their own, they can also all be used in combination to create a custom blend. If one of our products alone doesn't match the exact look you're seeking, you can combine products to achieve it.

Unleash your creativity by developing your own custom blend. Although the look of our products varies slightly from job to job, because no two natural stones are created the same, a custom blend of our thin veneer products will give your home or project a look that is all your own.

The possibilities are endless.

Not completely sure what you are looking for? Our expert staff will be happy to assist you in creating the perfect blend for your project.

Call us at 1-877-ROCKS-02.

Expert Blending Tips:

  • Add a splash of color to any project. For example, incorporate the reds of Rosewood or Sangria, blues of Cobalt or Bedrock or the glittering sheen of mica with Pinnacle Mica or Crystal Creek.
  • Use a blend to match your project with an existing stone feature.
  • Blend a few or as many products as you like. Typically, custom blends utilize between two and five products.
  • Adjust the ratio of the products used to fit your tastes. Use an 80:20 blend for just highlights of a stone, or a more even mix for a total transformation.
  • Blend different cuts of the same product. For example: incorporating fieldstone or rough rectangular shapes into a grander scale ledgestone project will provide larger stone highlights in your stone product.