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Warranty/Disclaimer Information

Pinnacle Stone Products, LLC (PSP) produces our products from natural stone. Our products are provided to you with the utmost dedication to quality. However, due to their natural construction, they are provided without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability for a particular purpose. Natural stone is a hard substance formed of mineral matter by nature. Due to this fact, variations in color, texture, cleft, and size will occur. Samples, photos, brochures, and digital images are taken to represent our products as accurately as possible, but may slightly differ from the stone that you actually receive. The laboratory tests conducted by PSP on our products are preformed on a relative sample of a particular product. These tests accurately report the specifications of the stone sampled and will generally reflect the specifications found on the majority of that product, but due to the variance in natural stone formations, these specifications may not be reflective of all of the stone you receive.

Use of Chemicals or Acids for Cleaning

Acids or chemical cleaners are not recommended for use with PSP’s products due to the user’s inability to control the effects of these products on natural stone. User/Installer accepts all risks in using these products. PSP will not be held responsible for any discoloration, flaking or cracking resulting from the application of these cleaners.

Blending Products

PSP’s products are produced of the finest raw materials available to us. We strive for excellence in every aspect during the production process to ensure consistency in color, texture, and cut. However, when using multiple packages of PSP’s product, it is necessary to blend the contents from the packages to ensure consistent color, size and texture appearance on your project.

Color Matching

When attempting to match the color and texture of an existing stone structure, please be aware that our product is provided on an “AS IS” basis and is intended to be used that way. Attempting to match a structure in this manner, though visually successful, may result in excessive waste or an unintended result. Please speak to a PSP representative before attempting any matching of an existing structure.


Exact coverage of PSP’s products cannot be guaranteed, as every installation varies with the masonry style of the installer or project. Joint styles may vary, adding or subtracting from suggested square footage amounts listed. The quantities of our packaging will take into account a standard installation including a mortar joint. Please keep this in mind when ordering PSP’s products.

Using PSP’s Products Safely

Please use safety equipment such as eye, hearing, respiratory, and hand protection when using, handling, or installing PSP’s product. Some of our stone products may contain crystalline silica or other potentially harmful substances which, if inhaled, may cause severe damage to the lungs. For these reasons we do not recommend dry sawing of our products. We recommend using wet saws when cutting our product.