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Posted on Monday, May 06, 2013 Categories: Thin Stone Veneer

We started Pinnacle Stone Products in 2007 with a ton of experience in cutting and selling thin stone veneer, and some 30+ stone quarries full of the most beautiful raw stone on the planet. We chose to embark on the journey that would see our company become the "Pinnacle" of the industry with one simple rule to guide us, create the highest quality product that we could, and sell that product at a price that made sense to our buying public. Mission accomplished! Pinnacle Stone now has a dealer network of some of the most reputable stone suppliers in North America, and marketing that is simply second to none. Our products are used by some of the biggest names in custom home building. But we still have room to grow, expand, and learn. So thats why I'm going to be "blogging". I will be telling folks what's new with Pinnacle, and answering and asking questions with the goal to improve upon what is already one of the best thin stone veneer companies in the business. Until next time...

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