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Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 Categories: Pinnacle Stone Happenings

In late January of this year, while visiting a show in Baltimore, MD, we noticed that a paver company had a tractor trailer that they'd transformed into a mobile display. We were impressed to say the least. After doing a bit of research, we found out that this method of display is fairly standard in the paver industry due to the massive amount of dealers, and shows that require set up and tear down. No one in our thin stone veneer industry had done anything like this. After a little talking, and reasoning, we decided to steal a trick and build one of our own. Introducing the Pinnacle Mobile Display Unit (PMDU). "Doris" as I have affectionately named her is a recycled Kentucky moving van, that we have transformed into a 53' luxurious mobile showroom complete with two large plasma screens to show Pinnacle presentations, surround sound to entertain customers, a fireplace, and a lounge area to kick back and talk business. Doris also has her own central heating and air conditioning, and most importantly, twenty mortared panel displays that can be rotated in and out depending on what part of the country she happens to be selling to. Our primary use for Doris is simply to get her in front of our very important customers, so check out our website for an updated list of where she's visiting next, and I'll fill you in on where she has been. Until next time...

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