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Posted on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 Categories: Pinnacle Stone Happenings

Howdy folks, it's been a while since I've done this blog thing. For the last three days (September 20 through September 23, 2013) I have faithfully manned our Pinnacle Stone Products mobile display unit at a Home Show. If one was judging the state of the aforementioned home design and remodeling based on this show, the entire home building and remodeling industry is in a heap of trouble. I have heard from many of our fellow vendors, trade show attendees, as well as noticed myself that attendance to these types of shows have been on the decline. I personally refuse to believe that the cause of this can be solely blamed on the promotion of these events. I also refuse to believe that the economy is causing this. I know people may not have the disposable income that they once had, but hard working American homeowners still dream don't they? These are the shows where John and Susie Q. Homeowner come to imagine that new outdoor living space, maybe that new sauna, or perhaps something grander, like new stone veneer for the front of their home. I would like to believe that home ownership is still one of the cornerstones of the American Dream, and one of the most important things we Americans invest in. I heard from a dear friend in the trade show industry the theory that "Google is killing the trade show." I believe this does ring true. In a society much too fast paced, where parents shuffle 2.5 kids from activity to activity, lack the time to communicate verbally, and rely on the smart phone to manage simple day-to-day activities, of course it is easy to believe that Americans would rather find information about building products via the Internet. This is entirely why companies such as Pinnacle Stone dump huge amounts of money into online sites, and drive customers to these sites to imagine what they can do to their homes with wonderful products such as ours. The Internet, however, should not be allowed to replace the trade show. I do believe that these shows still serve a purpose. At these shows, potential customers can see and feel the products up-close. At these shows, potential customers can communicate with manufacturers about these great products. At these shows, potential customers can meet the talented men and women who developed many of these wonderful products. At these shows, potential customers can spend a few hours as a family, enjoying time well spent dreaming, and looking at what could be. So get out, and visit one of these shows near you, support your local community vendors and builders, and don't let these trade shows go the way of the Dinosaur and the Hula Hoop. Until next time...

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