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Posted on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Categories: Thin Stone Veneer

Pinnacle Stone Products was established with the simple goal of producing high quality veneer stone products for the discerning customer. We begin with the natural stone we harvest from our quarries in the northeast, and process these stones into quality building stone, or natural thin stone veneer. Much of our product is used on the exterior and interior of buildings and homes. Building a custom home can be a very exciting, yet overwhelming experience for a family. As Pinnacle has grown, I have had the opportunity to view how customers make selections and decisions when building, remodeling or renovating their home or business. I noticed that most aren't really custom at all. It is simply a group of selections carefully orchestrated by a contractor. As I prepared for a presentation for a group of architects in Long Island, NY one evening, I had a profound thought. I realized that families work very hard throughout their lives to get to a point where they can, and want to enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life. In many cases, this includes the purchase of a luxury-type vehicle. I wondered do these people walk into the dealership to purchase their dream car and say, I want the best imitation leather seats available, I'm not leaving here without the best fake wood-grain dashboard available. I doubt this would ever happen. So why on earth would these same consumers want a fake or imitation stone veneer on the most important investment that anyone typically makes throughout their lives? (Referring to their home, of course.) These people, in most cases, are only offered options by home building contractors that the contractor is aware of or comfortable with. This is why, we at Pinnacle, are on a quest to educate the custom home building community, architects, engineers, and mason contractors of the availability and benefits of natural stone veneer products, such as Pinnacle Stone. We believe that consumers who demand the best, should get the best. So in 2014, Pinnacle will re-brand ourselves, and begin a marketing campaign that will include a new catalog, trade show appearances, and a more user friendly website. We will continue our American Institute of Architects Continuing Education efforts to make the design community aware of the capability and benefits of our products. As always, expect Pinnacle to keep raising the bar on our competition and supplying the absolute best veneer products in the industry. Until next time...

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