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Thin Sills - Thin Veneer Sills are designed for use with natural thin stone veneer products. They can be used with stucco, siding and natural thin stone veneer greatly, enhancing the overall appearance of the overall look of any application by adding definition and detail. They can also be custom cut to be used as accent pieces for entry ways, windows, etc. 

• Available Dimensions: Lengths: 3 feet, Width: 2.5 inches, Depth: 2 inches
    • Available Colors: PA Bluestone (in-stock), Brandywine, Buff, Autumn Brown, Lime Stone
    • Available Finish: Thermal, Rock-faced

Full Thickness Veneer Full thickness veneer measures 4-6" inch thickness. Heights, lengths and bed depth vary with each blend. This stone is appropriate for the interior or exterior of homes, buildings and retaining walls. Sawn top & bottom (edges are sawn to exact dimensions) or guillotine cut (edges are snapped for a roughly ashlar finish with semi-consistent dimensions). 

• Available for most products. Please see our individual product specifications.

Pier Caps – Pier caps add an elegant touch and a stylish dimension to any hardscape design. Pier caps are square stone slabs, sawn on all sides to exact dimensions and can be finished in a variety of ways to complete your pillar. They are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. 
    • Available Dimensions: Custom
    • Available Colors: PA Bluestone
    • Available Finish: Thermal, Rock-faced

Wall Caps - Wall caps are an elegant way to finish any boundary, entry, or retaining wall. Whether the wall is made of stone, stucco or masonry, wall caps give added protection and a beautiful final touch to your project.

   • Available Finish: Thermal, Rock-faced
   • Available Dimensions: Custom

- Boulders are offered in various sizes and natural shapes, providing infinite application possibilities. Natural barriers, water applications, and accents are just a few.

   • Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
    • Available Color/Type of Boulder: Call today!