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About Thin Stone Veneer

Traditional stone buildings and homes have an unmatched beauty that has withstood the test of time. This beauty is defined by the natural character of the stones themselves, through their shapes, sizes, textures, and colors. Pinnacle Stone Products, LLC has captured this beauty and durability within our natural thin stone veneer. Our thin stone veneer is the same timeless natural stone found on these traditional buildings, purposefully cut to improve the installation and application processes, while also increasing cost efficiency. Throughout our product line, you will find inspirations that will last a lifetime, created by Mother Earth; delivered by Pinnacle Stone.

The Peak of Quality...

We are committed to producing the finest natural thin stone veneer product available. The unique stones used in our products are hand-selected from our quarries for their outstanding color and texture and then are precisely cut to obtain a consistent depth for superior application results. Along with our exceptional product comes a team of outstanding customer support and sales personnel, dedicated to providing you the best purchasing experience imaginable. You will see the difference when you select “The Peak of Quality in Natural Stone Products.”


Our thin stone veneer is hand-picked to deliver a natural beauty that is truly unique. There are no manufactured molds or artificial colors and textures here, only nature’s creations. Best of all, our lightweight thin stone veneer (<15 lbs. per sq.ft. and <1.5" thick)* can be applied to your project without a bed ledge, therefore it can be added to existing buildings or structures with virtually no modifications.


We hope that our Design Galleries help you create a vision for your own Pinnacle Stone project. Use Pinnacle Stone Thin Stone Veneer in...

...and Anywhere Natural Beauty & Durability is Required!

Thin stone veneer provides an unmatched, lasting beauty to to the following surfaces; brick, framed interior and exteriors, poured concrete, concrete block, and more. See our installation instructions or contact us for more information.