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In January 2013, Pinnacle began the transformation of a recycled Kentucky moving trailer into a 53 foot luxurious mobile showroom. Stacy Jackson, General Manager of Pinnacle Stone Products, LLC said, “Our primary use for the mobile showroom is to get it in front of our customers.” The Pinnacle Stone team wanted a venue to show off their 100% real thin stone veneer product that is available to customers at an affordable price across the country. Although tradeshows have been a great resource for attracting different audiences, the Pinnacle Team decided it was time to reach out to a wider audience by creating this showroom and taking it on the road. The mobile showroom, in effect, allows Pinnacle to communicate with those who do not involve themselves or their business in the tradeshow circuit.

Many amenities were incorporated into the mobile showroom, not only to display Pinnacle’s thin stone veneer product, but to also provide the most amazing experience to customers while they choose a product. The most impressive part of the showroom is the 20+ mortar product display boards. The boards can be rotated in and out depending on the location of the country where the mobile showroom is traveling. Two large plasma screens have been installed to play different Pinnacle presentations for visitors displaying photos taken of finished Pinnacle Stone projects, as well as educational information about the product itself. Surround sound has been equipped throughout the trailer, as well as central heating and air conditioning for customer comfort. Sitting just above the showroom floor is a large lounge area constructed for customers to relax and consult with a friendly Pinnacle representative.

Pinnacle’s Mobile Showroom made its debut in early March 2013 at the 39th Annual Pennsylvania Home Show in Harrisburg, PA. The showroom continues to travel across the country at the requests of Pinnacle’s dealer network.

A calendar of upcoming events that the mobile showroom will be making an appearance at is available here. Check it out and see if the showroom will be making its way to a town or city near you.