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Mortar Color Selector Mortar Color Selector Pinnacle Stone Products

Another important consideration when choosing the stone you would like for your project is mortar colors. Masonry is no longer confined to plain cement-gray mortar, a range of colors is available from tans and beiges to reds and blacks. The tool below to created to help you visualize and experiment with how mortar color can effect the appearance of Pinnacle Thin Stone Veneer.

First select your style Pinnacle product from a light, mid-tone or dark thin stone veneer. Next select your mortar color from white, beige and gray.

Veneer Color Tones

Our thin stone products featuring dark and bold color tones look sharp with a white or light gray mortar. This combination creates the greatest contrast, highlighting the organic shapes and textures found in our natural stone veneers. This contrast also puts the craftsmanship of the masonry work on full display, with the potential to turn your project into a work of art. While utilizing a darker gray or brown mortar with dark toned stone veneers can create a classic aged appearance.

Some products found in the darker range of our product line include:

  • Heritage Mica featuring browns, grays and silvers with a glittery mica sheen.
  • Locust Ridge which showcases a colorful palette of blues, burgundies and plums.
  • Sangria, our classic brownstone provides beautiful burgundies and reds.
  • West Mountain Fieldstone, beiges, blacks, browns, oranges, rusts, and tans all come together in this classic bold Appalachian stone.

Mid-tone colors are found in a variety of shades and styles within our thin stone veneer product line. From the speckled highlights of our granites to the sparkling sheen of our micas, Pinnacle Stone’s Mid-tone products are all as unique as they are beautiful.
Mid-tone color palettes are also often created when using a custom blend of veneers. Whether combining lights and darks or multiple products with varying color shades, a blend can turn your project into a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Mid-tone veneer products include:

  • Brandywine featuring its bold browns, swirling rusts, grays and just a hint of green.
  • Freeport which many color layers of browns, oranges and grays, set free by its rough texture.
  • Sienna is a unique product for drawn from Ice Age era glacial deposits. Sienna is one of the most colorful and wonderfully textured materials that we have ever seen.

Sandstones, limestones and granites are found in the stone veneers with a light color profile. When working with a light stone product, the mortar color used can drastically change the look of the product. A white or light gray mortar will help drawl out the more subtle color striations and textures found in each product while blending with the stone edges to keep a light appearance. A brown or darker gray mortar will darken the overall appearance of the stone project and highlight the shapes.

Light veneer products include:

  • Valley Forge featuring a mix of light beiges, grays, browns, and subtle purples with an unmistakably soft texture.
  • Chesapeake, a light pale granite full of understated richness. Subtle whites with just a hint of peppery blacks and grays.
  • Galviston is stately gray limestone whose rich color and texture can create an historic aged appearance.